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My Favorite Shabby Chic Finds

Raise your hand if you love Shabby Chic!  This style of design consists of furnishings and decor that are either chosen for their appearing signs of wear and tear, or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique.  It’s such a soft, romantic look.  I love all the crisp white elements blended with vintage and slightly worn items.  It creates such a beautiful harmony.  I have some Shabby Chic finds that you will fall in love with!

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A Leader in Shabby Chic Design

The shabby chic look originated in England and I’ve pulled together some of my favorite shabby chic finds from England’s top shabby chic designer, Rachel Ashwell.  She has appeared on both E! and the Style Network.   Rachel Ashwell has become a globally recognized leader in shabby chic decor and styling.  I love the way she curates her spaces.

Just look at this gorgeous room by Rachel Ashwell.


Rachel AShwell Bedroom Inspo
Rachel Ashwell | Shabby Chic


This look is really timeless and can be blended right into your home.  Whether you start with some bedding or a distressed accent table, you can easily begin transforming your space into a shabby chic haven.

When considering the shabby chic style, there are a few elements that create this soft look.

  • Pale color palettes.

Stardew from Sherwin Williams is their August Color of the Month and it goes perfectly with Shabby Chic.

Sherwin Williams Stardew

I also love the pale pinks from Sherwin Williams.  Click Sherwin Williams Pink to get access my free list of great pink tones!

  • White Linens

  • Weathered Furniture

The rubbed edges and distressed finishes give vintage or weathered furniture a great deal of character.  It indicates the piece has been well loved.


Elements of shabby chic design blend well with other popular looks such as farmhouse or even bohemian.  If you love these soft, romantic looks you will love shabby chic.


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Shabby Chic Finds

OMG – that blue velvet blanket!!  It’s like being wrapped in a cloud!  All of these items lend a touch of romance and luxury to your home.

Get your shabby chic look on!  This weekend I am passing my friends and family discount along to you!

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Happy Shopping!


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