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My Favorite Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Design Trends | Over my 20 year career, I have seen a lot of kitchen design trends come and go.  Some are fleeting and some are lasting.  Recently, I’ve seen some great design trends I think will be around for a while.  Don’t be afraid to embrace any of these when updating your home!… Read More My Favorite Kitchen Design Trends

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My Favorite Shabby Chic Finds

Raise your hand if you love Shabby Chic!  This style of design consists of furnishings and decor that are either chosen for their appearing signs of wear and tear, or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique.  It’s such a soft, romantic look.  I love all the crisp white elements… Read More My Favorite Shabby Chic Finds

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My Favorite Mid-Mod Finds

Have you embraced the mid-mod look yet?  Not sure where to find those awesome pieces you see in the magazines and on Pinterest?  I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites and they are all affordable! For the Pink lover: For the Star Wars fan:     For the Chotchkie Collector:     For the… Read More My Favorite Mid-Mod Finds